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Готовые решения в форме встроенных пакетов Monitoring Packs

In NetCrunch you can manage monitoring with Monitoring Packs. They can be automatically assigned to nodes upon given rules.

The program contains over 100 predefined Monitoring Packs for popular systems, devices and applications.

Automatic Monitoring and Organizing Predefined Monitoring Packs

Графики и диаграммы в режиме реального времени

NetCrunch automatically creates Layer 2 maps, routing maps and automatically manages and updates many predefined views.

Whether you need a network map, multiple performance data charts or top charts you can make them with rules and allow NetCrunch to do the updates.

Managing Network Atlas Views

10, 100 or 1000+ узлов?
Без проблем

NetCrunch is optimized for speed because monitoring 1,000 nodes can cause more than 30,000 parameters to be tracked.

To achieve the best results even when working remotely over slow links NetCrunch uses advanced techniques like: preventing false alerts, and console protocol optimization.

Автоматическая корреляция событий и уведомлений

All internal alerts are correlated by default, so NetCrunch knows when the alert begins and when it is finished (closed).

External alerts (syslog, SNMP traps, Windows Events) can be easily correlated by adding closing events to the defined alert.

Alert and Report Management

Многообразие сценариев эскалаций, оповещений и удаленных команд:

NetCrunch is able to execute more actions than only notifications (text messages, desktop and email).

It can run remote scripts on all supported operating systems, restart machines or services, and set SNMP variables.

Alerting Actions

Программный пакет «всё-в-одном»

You get everything in one package with no additional modules - and no hidden costs. Everything from monitoring SNMP devices and a Netflow collector, to operating systems monitors and VMware ESXi.

You can also expand NetCrunch's monitoring capabilities with external scripts and programs using 

NC Open Monitor What NetCrunch Open Monitor Can do?

Развитый и удобный пользовательский интерфейс

While checking a node state you can also see its physical connections, and all views which include this node. In one click you can explore switch ports, VLANs, and connections.

Alerts, Network Traffic, and Performance views - everything is linked, especially when you are troubleshooting network problems.

NetCrunch comes with desktop, web and mobile consoles. The desktop console has also been optimized for Windows 8.1 tablets.

Program Screen Gallery

Автоматическое обнаружение сетевых устройств и их конфигурация

NetCrunch discovers your network in a few minutes, then checks to see which services are running on each node.

After NetCrunch recognizes a particular device type, it automatically starts monitoring the appropriate parameters, and sets alerts for the device (using Monitoring Packs). If a device type can't be recognized, you can quickly set an appropriate device type manually.

Discovering your Network

Простая схема лицензирования

NetCrunch is licensed per number of network nodes, which is easier than counting probes or sensors, and scales efficiently.

Compare the NetCrunch licensing model to other models